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Reading List May 27, 2014

State Surveillance

Essential reading from our recent archives.

Over the past week, Boston Review published a new forum along with several articles and blog posts on privacy, democracy, and surveillance. BR has covered the rise of the state surveillance apparatus for some time, in fact. To encourage a more meaningful public discussion of what is at stake—from the politics of drones to the ethics of whistleblowing—the editors have compiled a list of essential reading from our recent archives:

Obama’s Surveillance Reforms
Neil M. Richards (January 2014)

The NSA’s Backdoor Search Loophole
Elizabeth Goitein (November 2013)

[Video] The World After Snowden
Ronald Deibert (October 2013)

They Know Where You Are (But They Shouldn’t)
Neil M. Richards (August 2013)

What the Snowden Affair Tells Us About American Democracy
Archon Fung (July 2013)

Whistle-blowers and Democracy: a Reply to Archon Fung
Rahul Sagar (July 2013)

Transparent Citizens, Invisible Government
Elaine Scarry (June 2013)

Who Says the NSA’s Metadata Collection is Legal?
Elizabeth Goitien (June 2013)

Big Brother Buys a GPS
Pamela S. Karlan (January 2012)

Bugger Off: Spying Online is Perilous and Unnecessary
Evgeny Morozov (September 2011)

Robocop: Drones at Home
Joseph Nevins (January 2011)

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