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Browse our archive of print issues below, back to our founding in 1975.

February/March 1995

"Mixing Faith and Politics: Beyond the Religious Right," with Jim Wallis and Rosemary Radford RuetherAlso: Michael Greenberg's "Inventing Irving Howe," David Thorburn on the Rosenberg letters, and Alan Stone looks for Woody Allen's lost pulse. Plus fiction, poetry, Marie Howie on Patricia Traxler's "Forbidden Words" and much more.

April/May 1995

Debate on John Roemer's "Equality and Responsibilty ," with responses by T.M. Scanlon, Robert Solow, Samuel Scheffler, Richard Epstein, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, and others. Also: Joshua Cohen and Joel Rogers, "After Liberalism," Marc Haefele on immigrant bashing in California, and Alan Stone on Pulp Fiction's bloody success. Plus fiction, poetry, book reviews and much more.

Summer 1995

"Force Without Reason": Randall Forsberg on the military budget, Judith Jarvis Thomson's "Abortion," and Eugene Rivers' "An Agenda for Black Intellectuals." Also: Neil Gordon reflects on the genesis of a political fanatic, Rafael Campo on poetry and AIDS, and Alan Stone on Fellini's 8 1/2. Plus Edwin Frank's "Writing About Revolution," poetry, book reviews and much more.

October/November 1995

Ruy Teixeira on the Democrats and the economy, John Canham-Clyne, Steffie Woolhandler, and David Himmelstein on rational health care, and reader responses to Eugene Rivers, and Judith Jarvis Thomson. Also: Allan Forbes on WWII's tragic precedent: killing civilians; Alan Stone reviews Burnt by the Sun, Debra Dickerson's "Digging Ditches," poetry, book reviews and much more.

February/March 1996

Responses to Richard Flacks' "Reflections on Strategy in a Dark Time." Also: Edward Wolff asks, "Time for a Wealth Tax?" Rose Ryan chronicles an abusive relationship and Alan Stone reviews Sense and Sensibility. Plus Nguyen Ba Chung on Vietnamese poetry: "Imagining the Nation," poetry, book reviews and much more.

April/May 1996

Stephen Lerner's "Reviving Unions," and Adam Przeworski's "A Better Democracy, A Better Economy." Also: Arthur Waskow responds to Richard Flacks in "A Politics of the Soul," Michael Montgomery dissects Yugoslavia in "Spreading the Nationalist Virus," and Alan Stone reviews Othello. Plus fiction, poetry, Scott Sherman on Taibo's novels and much more.

Summer 1996

Responses to Stephen Lerner's "Reviving Unions," and Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried's "Flatness and Fairness." Also: Yael Tamir in "Hands off Clitoridemy," Maureen Paul on "Abortion's Past," Sven Birkets on the fate of books, and Alan Stone reviews Antonia's Line. Plus poetry by Kay Ryan, fiction, book reviews and much more.

October/November 1996

"Judging Other Cultures," response to Yael Tamir on cliterodectomy, and Frank Michelman, and Atilio Boron's "Democracy or Neoliberalism?" Also: Daniel C. Dennett responds to Allen Orr's review of Darwin's Dangerous Idea. Stephen Burt on Philp Larkin's dirty words, and Alan Stone reviews John Sayles' Lone Star. Plus fiction, poetry, book reviews and much more.