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The United States ranked first on health security; then came COVID-19. In place of technocratic hubris, we need robust new forms of democratic humility.

Sheila Jasanoff
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Aid can help to address global poverty. But we need field experiments—randomized controlled trials—to tell us which programs work.

Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee
Chip 6

How to meet the security threat.

Jonathan Zittrain
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Progress in the world’s poorest region.

Edward Miguel
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The right of government to deport irregular migrants is not absolute. That right weakens as time passes and the migrants become members of society.

Joseph H. Carens

If richer states provide security, the poorest can finally grow.

Paul Collier
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The truth about Obama’s victory wasn’t in the papers.

Andrew Gelman John Sides

Counterinsurgency doesn’t make sense. It asks soldiers, concerned primarily with survival, to be Wyatt Earp and Mother Theresa.

Nir Rosen

The market should deliver public benefits, and government can help ensure that the bounties of capitalism actually are shared for the good of wider society.

Eliot Spitzer

Relationships between academic institutions and biotechnology companies create conflicts of interest that undermine the goals of academic medicine and harm the public.

Marcia Angell

Stay-at-home mothering is bad for mothers, their kids, and women’s equality.

Nancy J. Hirschmann

The framers intended Congress to be “dependent upon the People alone,” but the private funding of public campaigns has bred within Congress a conflicting dependency.

Lawrence Lessig
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Many development experts promote information and communication technology (ICT) as a way to relieve global poverty. They should pay more attention to the human beings who use it.

Kentaro Toyama