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Amy Kapczynski Gregg Gonsalves

Claims that the cure is worse than the disease rely on a false tradeoff between human needs and the economy.

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Amy Kapczynski Gregg Gonsalves

Decades of neoliberal austerity will make it harder to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, we must rebuild our social safety net and forge a New Deal for public health.

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Kenneth A. Taylor

In the overhyped age of deep learning, rumors of thinking robots are greatly exaggerated. Still, we cannot leave decisions about even this sort of AI in the hands of those who stand to profit from its use.

Anne Fausto-Sterling

Appeals to the biological facts conceal a deeper contest over political equality—and scientific authority itself.

Christian List

A growing chorus says that science has shown free will to be an illusion. But it actually has offered arguments in its favor.

David Michaels

By using a variety of ploys to manufacture doubt, a whole industry of science-for-hire experts helps corporations put profits over public health and safety.

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Annette Zimmermann Elena Di Rosa Hochan Kim

We need greater democratic oversight of AI not just from developers and designers, but from all members of society.

Alexis Boylan AI creativity
Alexis L. Boylan

Two new books about machine creativity mostly reveal how little appreciation we still have for the full range of human creativity.

Robert A. Aronowitz

In place of the hype over personalized medicine, we need a more sober evaluation of the meaning of health and health care.

Philip Kitcher

The “scientific method” of high school textbooks does not exist. But there are scientific methods, and they play an essential role in making scientific knowledge reliable.