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Cholera (1)
Alex de Waal

We should be wary of simplistic uses of history, but we can learn from the logic of social responses.

Michael D. Gordin

Many take the separation between science and politics for granted, but this view of science has its own political history: it was developed, in part, as an anti-communist tool of the Cold War.

anthropocene and the end of liberalism
Geoff Mann

The Anthropocene challenges liberalism’s vision of permanent progress. So why has it become another technocratic tool of liberal bureaucracy?

Jessie Kindig

“Megafires” are now a staple of life in the Pacific Northwest, but how we talk about them illustrates the tension at the heart of the western myth itself.

Daniel Penny

The modes of perception and living that we attribute to Instagram are rooted in a much older aesthetic of the picturesque.

Meghan O’Gieblyn

The recurring, and often conflicting, narratives of technology and progress.

Sarah Hill

A tribute to one of the century’s great anthropologists and teachers.

Sarah Hill

On vacationing in Vieques

Graeme Gooday

Alexander Graham Bell and Telecom's Founding Myth

Steven Shapin

Scientists have discarded the moral authority that previously accrued to their vocation.