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Image of chicken in cage
Alice Crary Lori Gruen

The systems that harm animals go hand in hand with systems that harm humans. Combating them requires inter-species solidarity.

Teresa M. Bejan

Amidst growing suspicion that equality talk is cheap, a new book explains where egalitarianism went wrong—and what it still has to offer.

Nicolas Guilhot

Conspiracy theories like QAnon are ultimately a social problem rather than a cognitive one. We should blame politics, not the faulty reasoning of individuals.

A tiny gravestone in an isolated part of a cemetery surrounded by orange pine needles, with a bouquet of sunflowers next to it.
Simon Waxman

The author of Walden was not an enemy of civic life.

A collection of multicolored umbrellas bunched on the right, with a line of small umbrellas stretching from the left.
Guobin Yang Ran Liu

One of the largest peaceful protest movements in recent world history.

Albert W. Dzur

Participatory Innovation in Unlikely Places.

Stuart White

Egalitarianism must be understood as part of a more encompassing view of how best to live.

Martha C. Nussbaum

The life of the cosmopolitan, who puts right before country, and universal reason before the symbols of national belonging, need not be boring, flat, or lacking in love.