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1619 debate
David Waldstreicher

Critics of the New York Times’s 1619 Project insist the facts don’t support its proslavery reading of the American Revolution. But they obscure a longstanding debate within the field of U.S. history over that very issue.

Samuel Clowes Huneke Susan Neiman
Samuel Clowes Huneke

Germany’s official policy of shame about its past is a model the United States should adopt. But it won’t protect either country from far-right extremism.

Brownsville Before Photo
Michael Gecan

The calculus of power isn’t defined by hits or clicks or tweets. It is measured in relationships and meaningful reactions over time.

Olivia Schwob

Moral thinking about debt has fluctuated throughout U.S. history. Today’s calls for cancellation suggest it may be poised for transformation once again.

Eitan Hersh

Political hobbyism takes well-meaning citizens away from pursuing power.

Lawrence Glickman Ronald Reagan Edmund Muskie
Lawrence B. Glickman

When Democratic senator Edmund Muskie made a quip about the government being “here to help you,” he surely didn’t know it marked the death of the New Deal.

antifascist language boston review
Yuliya Komska

As Germans learned after World War II, combatting fascist language is harder than just deleting offending terms. Can we find a creative solution that serves today’s needs?

reed hundt
Reed Hundt

In their new book, Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, and Henry Paulson describe fighting the fire of the 2008 financial crisis. But while they did rebuild the burnt towers of Wall Street, they left Main Street to dig out from the rubble.

obama economic team roosevelt
Eric Rauchway

A new insider account reveals how the Obama administration’s botched bailout deal not only reinforced neoliberal Clintonism, but also foreshadowed an ongoing failure to fulfill campaign promises.

end of the end of history boston review
Maximillian Alvarez

What does it mean to live in a world in which history has rusted under the monstrous weight of the permanent now?