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huneke witches
Samuel Clowes Huneke

West German witchcraft trials after World War II reveal how political rupture can fuel magical thinking. What lessons might we draw for our own age of QAnon conspiracies, anti-vaccination, and strange COVID-19 cures?

UN San Francisco Sam Lebovic Tomorrow the World
Sam Lebovic

A new book tells the history of how U.S. political elites sold the United Nations to the public as a route to global peace, while all along wanting it as a cover for militarization.

Justin H. Vassallo

A new history charts the global legacy of Fordist mass production, tracing its appeal to political formations on both the left and the right.

Daniel Carpenter

U.S. democracy and the U.S. postal service share a long, entangled history. An attack against one signals an attack against the other.

William Hogeland

The National Statuary Collection announced the unification of the former slave economy’s emotional heartland with the heart of national government.

Alan Wald

The reissue of Vivian Gornick’s The Romance of American Communism invites a new generation to reflect on what it means to live a life of political commitment.

Alyssa Battistoni

Rumors of the imminent death of capitalism have often been greatly exaggerated. But that doesn’t mean we must give up on making things better.

Samuel Huneke Totalitarianism
Samuel Clowes Huneke

Fixating on whether Trump’s response to COVID-19 is totalitarian makes it difficult to have a nuanced discussion about the role government should play in times of crisis.

Andrew Elrod Mark Engler

The battle over the bailout—set to be delivered through a once-obscure Treasury Department mechanism called the Exchange Stabilization Fund—has only just begun.

Malick Ghachem

Beneath Trump’s impeachment lurks a troubling complacency—among Democrats and Republicans alike—with the nature of U.S. imperial power.