Articles in politics tagged with global

Vivian Gornick

The cause of Camus's native countrymen moved him, yet he yearned helplessly toward the European culture that had formed him.

Tinashe Mushakavanhu

An interview with activist Peter Tatchell

Karin Andert Niko Kohls

When two scientists discover a book looted by the Nazis, they seek out the rightful heir and in the process explore the reparations process of early postwar days.

Emma Goldhammer

The Russian dissident poet Kirill Medvedev struggles to craft a new left that is independent of the history of the Soviet Union.

Rouhani FEMA
Akbar Ganji

Hassan Rouhani’s presidential election creates an opportunity for negotiations with Iran. President Obama should seize it.

Narendra Modi
Zahir Janmohamed

A new biography tells the story of his rise to political prominence.

Jonathan Hafetz

Two new books by investigative journalists reveal how the United States relies on drones to make up for its lack of coherent policy in the war on terrorism.

Wajahat Ali Haroon Moghul

The streets of Istanbul are alive with democratic politics—not dramatic upheaval.

Richard M. Locke
Richard M. Locke

Richard M. Locke visits Brown's Watson Institute to discuss the ideas from his recent forum essay Can Global Brands Create Just Supply Chains?

Lauren Carasik

Ríos Montt—and the United States—evade justice.