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David Bacon

Migrants are dying as they cross the Mediterranean. Is there a better way?

With photographs by David Bacon.

Blaydes - Rashad - feature
Lisa Blaydes

Movements need new members, and new members mean reform.

Susie Linfield

While “left” in the West is now a virtual synonym for anti-Zionism, the same is far from true in Israel.

Akbar Ganji

Including translations of Khamenei's speeches from 1990 to the present.

Stephen Phelan

Before In Cold Blood, there was Operation Massacre.

Haroon Moghul

The kinds of sacred spaces we worked for are not just possible; they exist. On the other side of the planet. Under occupation.

Elizabeth Whitman

Jordanian mothers with non-Jordanian husbands cannot pass along citizenship to their children. The results are devastating, but a growing campaign is committed to change.

Akbar Ganji

What will it take to revive U.S.-Iran relations?

Samuel Farber

Raúl is not the same as his brother, but the democratic movement that Cuba needs still is not coming any time soon.

Jeanne Guillemin

The chemical weapons ban should have been made universal years ago.