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Erdem Gunduz Standing Man Nonviolence Judith Butler
Alexander Livingston

Judith Butler’s ‘The Force of Nonviolence’ advocates for pacifism but neglects much of the tradition’s philosophy and feminist theory. Is it possible to merge Butler’s insights with a serious concern for how nonviolent politics can be effective?

Felicia Wong

Five policies we need now.

Hanna Lerner Aslı U. Bâli

The COVID-19 crisis presents a unique and urgent opportunity to rebalance power away from executives and back to legislatures.

Magda Konieczna

Quality news is essential for democracy. We must stage an intervention to save it.

Jan-Werner Müller

Some candidates who lose elections strengthen democracy, but others threaten the democratic system itself.

William E. Scheuerman

Not by repudiating democracy but by simulating it, a new book argues.

Byrd McDaniel

Through online fan communities and digital platforms like TikTok, popular music is finding powerful new ways to shape everyday activism, protest, and resistance.

Aaron Horvath Jean Lin community organizations COVID-19
Aaron Horvath Jean Lin

Nonprofits have proven to be critical links in the nation’s public health infrastructure, but even those with mandates unrelated to health and poverty relief are turning out to be integral to their communities’ survival.

Right To Be Elected cover_FINAL (2)
Deborah Chasman Joshua Cohen

What does gender equity in a democracy look like?