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Goossen Ingrid Rimland Mennonite Nazi
Ben Goossen

Ingrid Rimland was a pioneering voice of the neo-Nazi Internet. She was also raised Mennonite, a peaceful religion with a long history of celebrating white “ethnic” identity.

James Chappel Martin Haggland
James G. Chappel

In a new book, philosopher Martin Hägglund argues that only atheists are truly committed to improving our world. But people of faith and socialists have more in common than he thinks.

Sarah Shortall

In the mid-twentieth century, the Church radically changed its position on whether religion is a public or private matter.

Carlos Fraenkel

The focus on Muslim anti-Semitism obscures the real quandary of multiculturalism in Angela Merkel’s Germany.

Cornel West

Remembering James H. Cone.

tax resistance_feature
Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey

An experiment in a quintessentially American form of protest.

Georg Diez

Reckoning with Germany’s dangerous legacy.

Neil Gordon

No matter how political things seem, they are invariably personal.

Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey

Protest is not merely a matter of personal awakening, but of organizing and mobilizing the power needed to change social relations.

Ingrid Norton

America continues to be haunted by our need to grieve.