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arendt marc boston review
Geoffrey Wildanger

Hannah Arendt’s unfinished book on Marx offers a timely philosophical dialogue for our era of economic precarity.

James Chappel Martin Haggland
James G. Chappel

In a new book, philosopher Martin Hägglund argues that only atheists are truly committed to improving our world. But people of faith and socialists have more in common than he thinks.

trump rawls boston review
Samuel Scheffler

Does Trump’s success vindicate or undermine liberal theory?

Ronald Aronson

Jean-Paul Sartre’s existential Marxism offers a radical philosophical foundation for today’s revitalized critiques of capitalism.

Seyla Benhabib

There is still much to learn from the radical legacy of critical theory.

Jason Stanley

Fascist politics exploits freedom of speech for authoritarian ends.

Melvin Rogers

Many say that despite Trump, our democracy is strong. But John Dewey cautioned that institutions alone won't save us.

Errol Morris

Noam Chomsky and Hilary Putnam on how language connects us to the world.

David Runciman

Tocqueville warned us about democratic fatalism. But as Steven Pinker’s new book shows, fatalism is a permanent feature of modern politics.

David Moscrop

The philosopher Herbert Marcuse saw machines as our greatest hope for real liberty. But in Trump’s America, automation feels more totalitarian than ever.