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Judith Levine

Rapists should be held accountable. But is more incarceration the best way?

David Sehat

Conservative Christians are out to restore their historical legal privileges.

Judith Levine

Moralistic efforts to guard against online predation do more harm than good.

Nancy F. Cott

History really matters in Obergefell v. Hodges.

A man pins a red boutonniere onto his collared shirt, next to another man with a white boutonniere and light blue collared shirt.
Judith Levine

Without sexual liberation, sexual oppression and sexual violence will continue.

An elderly white man holds an elderly white woman on a beach during the day.
Judith Levine

One report on purported elder abuse describes victims as dependent captives “in highly sexualized environments.”

Elizabeth Bruenig

When it comes to consent, feminists and Christians agree.

Judith Levine

Why are we even debating whether a seven-year-old child was a child molester?

Simon Waxman

The Supreme Court never agreed that access to contraceptives is a compelling government interest. The consequences may be significant.

Simon Waxman

The buffer zone decision is wonderfully logical but also divorced from real experience.