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Stonewall Mattachine Pete Buttigieg
Micki McElya

The press has crowned Buttigieg the inheritor of Stonewall’s legacy, but this doesn’t square with what we know of Stonewall activists and the world they hoped to create.

witch protestors
Jessie Kindig

A woman’s body is both a site of exploitation and a site of resistance. It is out of this vexed space that the witch is conjured.

Trump witch hunt feature
Jonathan Beecher Field

Trump would do well to remember that it is only a witch hunt if the accusations are untrue.

Michael Bronski

Seventies activists wanted to emancipate kids and destroy the nuclear family—so how did we end up with gay marriage instead?

Bronski feature
Michael Bronski

Radical gay liberation laid the ground for the moderate legal gains of gay rights.

David Sehat

Conservative Christians are out to restore their historical legal privileges.

Rebecca Onion

Richard Beck's new book on the moral panic over child abuse in the 1980s.

Nancy F. Cott

History really matters in Obergefell v. Hodges.

Vivian Gornick

Should feminism join with other causes, or make its own path?

Vivian Gornick

When narcissism was pathologized, reformers were labeled as narcissists and discontent swept under the rug. George Scialabba responds.