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Alyssa Battistoni

Rumors of the imminent death of capitalism have often been greatly exaggerated. But that doesn’t mean we must give up on making things better.

Scott Stern Linda Taylor Welfare Queen
Scott W. Stern

Conservatives have long been sounding the alarm about “undeserving” people receiving public assistance. These fears have deep ties to racism and the policing of black women’s bodies.

Shaun Ossei-Owusu

COVID-19 is having a disproportionate effect among vulnerable populations.

Andrew Elrod Mark Engler

The battle over the bailout—set to be delivered through a once-obscure Treasury Department mechanism called the Exchange Stabilization Fund—has only just begun.

Hannah Appel

Debt’s ubiq­uity is a burden, but also an opportunity.

Reed Hundt

Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, and Henry Paulson still have not reckoned with the failures of neoliberal planning in the wake of the financial crisis.

Gabriel Zucman Emmanuel Saez

For the sake of justice and democracy, we need a progressive wealth tax.

Ben Jackson

With its elite decision-makers and opinion-formers—and over 1.5 million copies sold per week—the Economist has exerted tremendous influence on popular liberal discourse for more than a century.

Olivia Schwob

Moral thinking about debt has fluctuated throughout U.S. history. Today’s calls for cancellation suggest it may be poised for transformation once again.

James G. Chappel

Capitalism hasn’t disenchanted the world, a new book argues. Like a bad lover, it beguiles us into spiritual desolation—and only the most utopian politics will break its spell.