Articles in class & inequality tagged with labor

Brishen Rogers

Critics of raising the minimum wage claim that it decreases employment, but they are missing the larger point.

Frank Pasquale

What the rise of megaplatforms means for the rest of us.

Lauren Carasik

Trump's policies spell disaster for economic equality. And the worst is yet to come.

David Stein

Coretta Scott King saw economic precarity as not just a side effect of racial subjugation, but as central to its functioning.

David McDermott Hughes

A rural town in Spain gives us a glimpse into the challenges we will face in a workless future.

Pranab Bardhan

The idea that the rise of populism was caused by market-driven inequalities fails to address why populism is so cozy with crony capitalists.

Anke Hassel

Basic income is a seductive poison that would benefit the margins of society at the expense of the middle class and immigrants.

The Undercommons

A basic income that supplemented existing welfare structures could make everyone safer while ending the most pernicious forms of policing.

Paul Niehaus Michael Faye

Recipients of basic income continue to work, spend less on vice, and are able to invest in long-term plans.

Brishen Rogers

When proponents deploy the logic of market competition, they undermine democracy and social equality.