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Canaletto_(Giovanni_Antonio_Canal),_Italian_(active_Venice,_Rome,_and_England)_-_The_Bucintoro_at_the_Molo_on_Ascension_Day_-_Google_Art_Project Fiction
Maria Dahvana Headley

In a lost tale of Casanova, the citizens of a country at the center of the Earth must give up their home—and their women—to colonizers. Short Story

AdobeStock_305301892 Fiction
Sumudu Samarawickrama

An aging AI researcher, alone with her robot companion, must make a difficult decision when the android begins to malfunction. Short Story

10922275_1063254860367326_3560495611474972715_o Fiction
Jack Gain

Stuck in an apartment with his ex-boyfriend, a man meets with the government agent who will decide whether the couple has really broken up. Short Story

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 2 Fiction
Maureen F. McHugh

In the aftermath of a flu pandemic that kills most of the population, a survivor, barricaded in Alaska, remembers her life while contemplating a grisly choice. Short Story

arts1 Fiction

A Special Project from Boston Review’s Arts in Society Program

AdobeStock_260478780 Fiction
Tananarive Due

“He’s just a kid. Why are you putting a kid in handcuffs? This feels like profiling. Isn’t that what this is called?”

pexels-photo-1113022 Fiction
Sabrina Helen Li

Winner of the Fall 2019 Aura Estrada Short Story Contest. 

MTA_NYC_Subway_R30_8506_interior Fiction
Samuel R. Delany

In a pre-Giuliani New York where pornographic theaters create communities of dissimilar people, a young blue-collar worker and a homeless ex-con forge a connection through their shared enjoyment of public sex.

Joseph Cassara The Arrangement Fiction
Joseph Cassara

“He says that he needs to talk to you about something. You feel your stomach churn. He says that he is sorry.” Their relationship in flux, two men go on vacation in Palm Springs to try to patch things up.

Amina Gautier Surely Not Fiction
Amina Gautier

“What’s worse than any pain is being without him, and what’s worse even still is that it’s his idea to go.”