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Hussani Abdulrahim Alheri golem Fiction
Hussani Abdulrahim

“I want to open the door again. I want to bring him back. And I want him to last longer this time.” A grieving widow makes a man of mud.

Aruni Kashyap How to Date a Hindu Fundamentalist New Delhi Chandhi Chowk Fiction
Aruni Kashyap

“I was perhaps judging him. His poor choice. The way he forsook the greater good for the pleasures of the bed, or something like that. I was sleepy. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking. Probably I was surprised by my bad luck.” Short Story

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 12 Fiction
Abdellah Taïa

In a wrenching dialogue, a man searches for human connection, even as he recalls childhood abuse. Translated from the French by Amanda DeMarco. Short Story

50mm-bread-breakast-brunch-745100 Fiction
Noel Cheruto

“Pinch off fist-sized balls and roll these into flat circles. Circles you turned in the morning of the coup.” Short Story

iceland-shack-hut-cabin Fiction
Theo Costantino

“'I felt no hunger but the habit of food struck me intensely. My nightgown was grubby and torn. My limbs were scraped, spotted with yellow bruises, but I felt no pain.” Short Story

1182px-Lagos_bus_station Fiction
Kechi Nomu

An aging Nigerian bus park preacher dreams of her own church, or even just a shiny megaphone, when she finds herself cut off from her congregation. Short Story

Sagit Emet Two Fiction
Sagit Emet


Two orphans, who believe they are too old to ever be adopted, get a surprise chance. Translated from the Hebrew by Yaron RegevShort Story

forest-fire-1493436144fp6 Fiction
Samuel R. Delany

A man seeks intimacy during a time of crisis. Short Story

JR Fenn All We Remember Will Be Forgotten 1 Fiction
JR Fenn

When bees around the world exhibit a frightening new behavior, a researcher takes comfort in a familiar hive. Short Story

Mike McClelland What Used to Be Caracas Fiction
Mike McClelland

Years after an extinction event nearly wiped out humanity, a team of scientists search Venezuela for signs of life and evidence of what caused the tragedy. Short Story