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Racquel Goodison

“Every time she noticed he was dressed for sport, she’d head for the door.” In this short story, a young Jamaican man weighs his responsibility to his family against his love of biking.

Lucia Edafioka

“The something we had been waiting for had happened.” In this short story, the traces of a missing Nigerian woman haunt her neighbors, who struggle with how intensely they had disliked and envied her.

Yeoh Jo-Ann

“I could have been a clever girl. When the first of the Japanese bombs fell on Penang, my father stopped us from going to school. And when the war was over, there was no question of going back. So I married your father.” Three generations of a family struggle to maintain their way of life in a country changed irrevocably by war.

Jessica Hudgins

“Aunt Steph got ugly after Gammy died, although people were often ugly to her first.” In this short story, a woman reflects on a series of charmed summers before loss descended.

Diana M. Chien

“Her sister was only visiting for as long as it took the mother to die.” A family reunion takes a surreal turn in this short story.

Izumi Suzuki Sam Bett

The last humans on a planet attempt a nice family outing—except that they can’t remember how. A short story from Japanese counterculture icon Izumi Suzuki, available for the first time in English in a new translation by Sam Bett.

Jarboe Everyone on the Moon 2 Fiction
Julian K. Jarboe

“Come back, Sebastian. You are shaking. That is not a productive movement.” As Sebastian prepares to go work on the moon, he reviews his contract’s terms and conditions and wonders what his mother must think.

Abdellah Taia a country for dying feature Fiction
Abdellah Taïa

“I see it all. What you did, Papa. I’m not angry at you. Don’t worry.” A Moroccan woman living in exile in Paris remembers her father’s dying days.

Hussani Abdulrahim Alheri golem Fiction
Hussani Abdulrahim

“I want to open the door again. I want to bring him back. And I want him to last longer this time.” A grieving widow makes a man of mud.

Aruni Kashyap How to Date a Hindu Fundamentalist New Delhi Chandhi Chowk Fiction
Aruni Kashyap

“I was perhaps judging him. His poor choice. The way he forsook the greater good for the pleasures of the bed, or something like that. I was sleepy. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking. Probably I was surprised by my bad luck.” Short Story