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José B. González

The sewing machines have been pushed aside to a far-off world, but I can still hear their thumping

Ocean Vuong

As my relatives melted, I stood
on one leg, raised my arms, eyes shut, & thought:
tree tree tree as death passed me—untouched.

Hazem Fahmy

Hazem Fahmy was a finalist for the 2019 Boston Review Annual Poetry Contest and this poem appeared in our arts anthology Allies.

Naro Alonzo
They’ve stolen a finger bone, carved it into a whistle, which when blown,
summons extinct birds . . .
Funto Omojola

mom calls me often
to ask if i’ve been doing
my nightly devotionals

Sarah Helen Bates

On any map in any so-called season, I can recognize myself at least once.

heidi andrea restrepo rhodes

I confess, I was never made
to shake obeisant . . .

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