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Kim Hyesoon Don Mee Choi

The therapist says,
Picture a bird in your mind
What kind of bird is it?

Kemi Alabi

our bloom game too strong / altar stays red candle cinnamon-lit
sweet flicker cracking into prance

Nijla Mu’min

“Just let me just lay here and do nothing
cause boss bitches get lonely too”

Day Heisinger-Nixon Poetry
Day Heisinger-Nixon

“Room, Room, Room, in the many Mansions of Eternal Glory for Thee and for Everyone” & “Publick Universal Friend Adopts a More Androgynous Appearance . . .”

Terrance Hayes

Remembering poets Lynda Hull and Michael S. Harper, with original portraits

Cheswayo Mphanza

Two white men carrying briefcases walk in on a congressional meeting held by African leaders dressed in Western attire. Clapping at the president who resembles Léopold Senghor. He uses words like “revolutionary” and “independence” and they garner an applause.

Felicia Zamora

If I cross paths with myself on the sidewalk, I’m not sure I will recognize my own face.

Diamond Forde

Our bodies, temples—shouldn’t that mean anyone can worship? Shouldn’t that mean it’s okay to dip my hips into a communion bowl?

Kyoko Uchida
José B. González

The sewing machines have been pushed aside to a far-off world, but I can still hear their thumping