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henein Poetry
Georges Henein

between a head-nod and a head-butt
between greeting and bolting
between the clothes of courtesy and of the guillotine
the difference is barely visible

Alvarez-Desiree Poetry
Desirée Alvarez

                                           Written in the sorcerer’s house mis palabras

are a mutilated palace
                                           spread across a lake.

Rae Armantrout Poetry
Rae Armantrout

There are worldwide, catastrophic storms
When earth’s network
Of weather-control satellites
Is sabotaged by unknown enemies.

JerichoBrown_NewBioImage Poetry
Jericho Brown

They expressed my desire
To mount and be
Mounted as they scurried
Into the darkest parts of what

Mutsuo_Takahashi_2009-02-04 Poetry
Mutsuo Takahashi

There is not a single tree to cast a shadow
Nor a single bird to wing through the air
Our field of vision is filled with thronging towers of flame
Invisible, infinitesimal gods that split and fissure continuously

irenem Poetry
Irène Mathieu

every poem I write is about the same thing:
how ordinary it is to want a long line of sunrises,
bowls of oatmeal with you—in other words

Eduardo-Martinez-Leyva Poetry
Eduardo Martinez-Leyva

Sit still you told me. Give the desert
           what belongs to the desert. A vessel of dust
is all you will be, dimwit. Be a dear and shape

Machado Poetry
Aditi Machado

            In the market to be a sense is
pealing out the surface areas. A fruit seller
is terse, sagittal. How summer is
a fit expression, as germane as botanic.

hiromi2 Poetry
Hiromi Itō

Poets wrote poetry
The thoughts rained down continuously
Drenching us to the bone

Bertram photo2 Poetry
Lillian-Yvonne Bertram

    People also ask     what is Harriet Tubman most famous for?   
Flying bondsmen on French leave steal away
    They drove Emmett Till toward Money, Mississippi
Behind enemy lines   
    our Moses   never lost a passenger      
People also ask   why is Harriet Tubman   important   to the world?