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Edward Mayes Alberto Alfonso

We thought again of Francisco de Zurbarán’s hands
And if what they held had half the weight

Of beauty and half the heft of truth, his
Beautifully dressed martyrs, ready to wear

Their death, which will continue to remain

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 11 Poetry
John Beer

Nimrod & Gabriel
Set up shop
One was a gaoler
One a cop

moon2 Poetry
Kamilah Aisha Moon

He doesn’t know about the boys
she elegizes in poems
Resting beneath waves
bound & thrown there

VAV-Blue Poetry
Vanessa Angélica Villarreal

On the other side of the mirror I see that poisoned life, each molecule built so backward even the water became poison.

                                                        More precisely: thrashed in the spiral seawater makes between rocks.

    Butterfly, web history, thyroid, locked phone, the spill of tablets on the kitchen counter, I carried your child.

Reduced to evidence, the state sees your point: Hispanic female, 35, 208 lbs.

hewes Poetry
Jordan Joy Hewson

Topaz eye, a hurricane
that rips the pages until the spine sprains, 
until the foot on which it spun swells,
until the knee of the wind straightens and extends
until the common tongue pants for dexterity in the air.

bendall Poetry
Molly Bendall

I’m lucky, ghostly lucky,
when I start roaming
and recognize the sign on the door.  
That’s when I whisper
to the nail, “you know
you little heathen
what you have done,”

caceres2 Poetry
Omar Cáceres

With my heart, pounding on you, oh unlimited shadow,
I feed the unmitigated brio of these engravings—lasting;
escaping from his life, I think, the one who leaves cleanses the world,
and so is inclined to reflect its sweetly terrestrial image.

alipower3 Poetry
Ali Power

I heard somewhere that in Ancient Times folks believed the voice inside their heads (their
conscience? consciousness? homunculus?) was god/s

Mia You photo Poetry
Mia You

Dutch men explain things to me. Nederlandse mannen zeggen me dat ik de wereld ervaar in drie dimensies, en toch, zeggen Nederlandse mannen me, valt die tweedimensionaal te beschrijven. Dutch men tell me I see the world in three dimensions, but Dutch men tell me we can only solve this in two.

prageeta1 Poetry
Prageeta Sharma

The summer deck is filling with riotous rain pouring down from your hands,
I think. I’m terrible at these supernatural images and you wouldn’t like if I kept it up.
I know you are trying to water the plants, and the seedlings and all of everything
I might have neglected for the last three months while I’m here fucking it all up.