July/August 2012

Under the Influence

Martin Gilens

With responses from Larry M. Bartels, Matthew Yglesias, Kay Lehman Schlozman, Mark Schmitt, Nancy L. Rosenblum, John Ferejohn, Barbara Sinclair, Russ Feingold, Archon Fung, and Michael Gecan. Martin Gilens replies.

Editors' Note
Deborah Chasman and Joshua Cohen

The Fighting Mind

War Is Betrayal
Persistent Myths of Combat
Chris Hedges
The Checkpoint
Terror, Power, and Cruelty
Oded Na'aman


State of the Nation: Know Where You Stand
Anthony Fowler and Michele Margolis
Dispatch: Juárez Rebounds...Sort Of
Sarah Hill
Made In America: The Leisure Gap
Claude S. Fischer
Karlan's Court: Forty Years After Watergate
Pamela S. Karlan

Books & Ideas

Natural Woman
Why Motherhood Returned to the Center of Women's lives
Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow
Forgetful Pleasures
Michel Houellebecq's Exciting Tale of Boredom
Marta Figlerowicz

Aura Estrada Short Story Contest Winner

The Piano
Alexandra Thom

On Poetry

Poet's Sampler
Introduced by Joe Weil
Adam Fitzgerald
The Literacy Revolution
Poetry, Injury, and the Ethics of Reading
Elaine Scarry
Ariana Reines's Erotic Soul
B.K. Fischer

On Film

Arcadia for the Aged
John Madden's The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Alan A. Stone


Waiting for Tear Gas
Tung-Hui Hu
It Is the Perpetual Today
Virginia Konchan
Essential Difference
Kiki Dimoula
Cash for Gold
Ernest Hilbert
To the White Woman on the Plane Who Doesn't Understand My Discomfort When She Asks If She Can Touch My Hair
Torrie Valentine
After Paradise Lost
Alison Powell
Daniel Tiffany
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