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Cyril Method

The poem is digging in Russian. Pour swarms there. At war with numbers. Maybe more. The Pope's nana. Poppy make. The span of a pact bop. Pear up, o bat, reacts. The modern hobo. Pack at a roll. A pint of beeswax bock. Un-pick no pot. But weave. Be tow rags. This cue. A he to the otherwise. Puce rice. Pot mouth. Acne grad. The pace of race. Rapt metal type. In a pore horn. Why poke lace? Pack pact to plunder. No poke in vice. Pen a turnip. Tank a slipper. Not pox a giblet. What totters now at hew, no tyre in labour fits. To then. A fallow nape. In cinders rape. To nab a peahen. The stalemate of 'nam. Pan up a foil. No pore in the rapids. No toke in a torrent. Crow net. Nor a hut defile. Buttock rissole. Nut stoke. Cape in a barn. Panopt report. The 8th grade's ace cop. Anna pat organs. A pro slang. God what a bore. Numb drunk. Wop ox rustle. Bop ox lots. Boob we generally. Buck whiskey. Husky cunt. Why Pa? "Flux." Orbit, but ok. Sweat not. Buxom tuft. Half an ape ring. A CB saint. Be twat decay. A coniferous bop. Bath wadded. Be cut to weigh. The tow hut makes me sick. By a pure barn. The pH district. I dream of Che. Self came. Rue ha hyena. The nap of a two-piece suit. The poke of fate. Pack pace to paint. Nuke dive. The shock of a wok. Is a roll packet. Hatchet to no puke. But bit. We be budged. He take wrong. In packing tape. Lash buy. Rap ashes. Parry chop-suey. The shock on awoke. Yep, a devil. The sorrow of rope. The air force of the BBC. Be put to believe. Buck but a sponge. Ax at a sigh. Wax math chequered. Fast robe. Home poke in a little room. Rope burn. Met cast. Just a sec', Mom. Goth rot. Fur Mex. On up at the lean against. War at pace. Mop a plague. Muck a basin. Mew at agitation. Pack on a dig. Take a steam nap. The tone stamp. The sea mope. A note in sweat. Be-peck a heather. No toke assembly line. Tuna type. Met at baste. Tax tab divan. Cowl go down. In eider rare. A plow cox. Teat theater. Non pop. Copy dust. To nut wreck. It's toro time. Moth squander. Power mow. A Tom volume. The non priest. Tacky drag. Cock a dummy. Cop a litter. Cut a sieve. Cur, a pet, a cigarette. Chum at, or, photograph. Rome on at homeopath. R. R. years. Ware step. Coke juice. Chère en neige. Cheer up a bullfinch. Ox pa ocher. O tow at emaciation! The on bit of experience. Onyx tumor. Doll cock. Coy works. No more help. Cob at: poke. Ropy uphill. Mate puke in subsoil. Cup on some syrup. Crub a bend. That ohm. One pew leans on. A mop rat wink. Obey like sheep. Max, hew, wave. Mat mother. A pan swindler. A map at the scribble. Ah, oh, um . . . anonymous. Almost a mural moment. In not one hue. Murmur instants. Mohawk monastic. Crop at: raze. Hate pet chafe. "Hey" to something. Gets a top robe in trade. Not ok, a flood. Be pay on trust. A rut of agitation. Dream chute. Cher snow. Nut drink. Teat Pa drama. The tyro is taut. The cop bat breaks off. Hop a hole. Crop a hue combustion. Cub up Siberia. Hub a cornfield. I, or, South. Afraid of being on a cat. Bat a cotton. Bop Tom overboard. Howe worn. Home number. Rum he in hymn. No go under near. Nor hat begin to drive. Nor a cat go out. The Tao of concealment. How? a burden? Cot ax in the honeycomb. Cat Satan, cab blanket, pot-head hash — aha! Pow! A grove. An eye, ok? Or — hey! no pH fireproofing. Nocturne apprehension. Nope time. Type turn round. Chow to be demolished. Cob an owl. A bow of lice. On, or a hut scoundrel. Bob's bean. Me, cut, knead. I cha-cha in my sleep. None in a priest. Tuck 'em to squeeze. Tap a tare. Cane pa pioneer. May tab mast. Came right in. The bet pop of the wind. He yet odd. Her era. Hot a note also. That hard bop music of the criminal. The top rob trade. To mat pock a sailor's wife. Tune-in type. Peak top reactor. Tuck ax in the grip of. Tote that to the former. Note chute: to make room for. Puck's risk. Ox bat inclusion. Met a hue hurling. "Bye Pa!" (yesterday). Approximately, ok? Pock lux. Mack a mask. Pack a painting. Make 'em dip. "Run!—no, not a hippopotamus." Ham we. Cocteau composition. Pot a company. "'Cause, Otto." No, no, he in horsecloth. Scald, or own a pub at. Wax mat chesspieces. One put feathers. No Pam, season. Cone TB snuffle. Cat, uh, sateen. To not tread. He breaks a cop bet. "O to wet," he emaciates. Mate in a mother. Pot a top mimeo. Pouch mew, ok? The East Wind in Oct. Ox at a moan. Map we in a march. Rheba's anger. Oprah's organ. That Mau Mau May. In a massive Mac cube. Or a poke with a candle-stub. My cope in refuse. Pa, he wound. Pew a decision. Hope in a burrow. Cob pat perversion. Wax tab mineshaft. No Tom, later. We nab splinters. Chuck 'em, we gain. Mat a check. Max a stroke. Beep a fan. Mr. Milligram. Ah, rap a hangar! Right cam. Ram a din. Yet Thurs. Wax check. Hymen annunciation. Rum haze in high-school. Bar, oh, a carriage. Bay, yep, a voucher. Rut ape guitar. Venus be hep. "Me wet," she agitates. Can or a boot? Cat up a satire. No on account of. Cute. And all this makes an excellent horror show.

—Craig Dworkin

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