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    Felicia Ackerman is professor of philosophy at Brown University.

    Sudhir Anand is professor of economics at Oxford University and adjunct professor at the Harvard School of Public Health.

    Marcia Angell is a physician and editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine.

    Vikram Chandra is author of Red Earth and Pouring Rain and Love and Longing in Bombay. He divides his time between Bombay and Washington.

    Joshua Clover is senior contributing writer for Spin magazine.

    Randall Curb’s reviews and essays have recently appeared in Poets & Writers, the Oxford American, and the American Scholar. He lives in Greensboro, Alabama.

    Susan Daitch is the author of two novels, L.C. and The Colorist, and a collection of short stories, Storytown.

    Norman Daniels is Goldthwaite professor of philosophy at Tufts. He is author of Justice and Justification: Reflective Equilibrium in Theory and Practice.

    Ezekiel Emanuel is chair of the Department of Clinical Bioethics at the Warren G. Magnuson Clinical Center of the National Institutes of Health and a breast oncologist.

    Neal Gabler is author, most recently, of Life the Movie.

    Emmanuela Gakidou, Julio Frenk, and Christopher Murray work on the World Health Organization’s global programme on evidence for health policy.

    Loren Graham teaches at Hollis University.

    E. A. Hilbert’s poems have appeared recently in the American Scholar, New Orleans Review, Long Shot, and American Writing.

    Christine Hume’s Musca Domestica won the Barnard New Women Poets Prize. She is the advisory editor of Denver Quarterly.

    James Hynes is the author of The Wild Colonial Boy and Publish and Perish. His new novel, The Lecturer’s Tale, will be published next year by Picador USA.

    Ichiro Kawachi is director of the Harvard Center for Society and Health. He is co-editor of the Reader on Income Inequality and Health.

    Bruce Kennedy is assistant professor at the Harvard School of Public Health.

    David Lehman is the author, most recently, of The Daily Mirror: A Journal in Poetry.

    Ted Marmor is professor of public policy at Yale and author of The Politics of Medicare.

    Michael Marmot is professor of epidemiology and public health at University College London.

    Lynn Melnick’s poems are forthcoming in The Antioch Review and Paris Review.

    Kieko Matteson teaches European history at Yale. She is completing a book on environmental politics during the French Revolution called Masters of Their Woods.

    Stewart O’Nan’s latest novel is A Prayer for the Dying.

    Andrew Osborn is a Ph.D. candidate in English at the University of Texas.

    Anna Rabinowitz’s poetry collection, At the Site of Inside Out, won the Juniper Prize. She is editor of American Letters & Commentary.

    Robert Perkinson teaches American studies at Yale University. He is writing a book on convict activism and the rise of the prison in Louisiana and Texas.

    Fabienne Peter is assistant professor of economics at the University of Basel.

    Reginald Shepherd’s third book is Wrong. He teaches at Cornell University.

    Barbara Starfield is University Distinguished professor at The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

    Alan A. Stone is Toureff-Glueck professor of law and psychiatry at Harvard Law School.

    Molly Melina Sultan is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Arizona. She writes a television show for an Arizona PBS station.

    Cole Swensen’s most recent book of poems is Try. She is director of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Denver.

    Susan Wheeler’s books are Bag ‘O’ Diamonds, Smokes, and the forthcoming novel, Record Palace. She teaches at the University of Iowa.

    Max Winter’s poems have appeared in the New Republic, Paris Review, Boulevard, and the Yale Review, among other publications. He is associate editor of Fence.

    Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein practice and teach internal medicine in Cambridge, Mass. They are vocal proponents of national health insurance.

    Andrew Zawacki’s poems are forthcoming in the New Republic, New American Writing, American Letters & Commentary, The Yale Review, and LIT.

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