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The Best of the Best American Poetry, 1988-1997
(New York, NY: Scribner, 1998)


Jonathan Aaron    "Dance Mania"
A. R. Ammons    "Anxiety's Prosody"
    from "Strip"
John Ashbery    "Baked Alaska"
    "The Problem of Anxiety"
Elizabeth Bishop    "It is Marvellous . . . "
George Bradley    "The Fire Fetched Down"
Lucie Brock-Broido    "Inevitably, She Declined"
Anne Carson    "The Life of Towns"
Amy Clampitt    "My Cousin Muriel"
Douglas Crase    "True Solar Holiday"
Carolyn Creedon    "litany"
Thomas M. Disch    "The Cardinal Detoxes: A Play in One Act"
Irving Feldman    "Terminal Laughs"
Aaron Fogel    "The Printers Error"
Alice Fulton    "Powers of Congress"
Allen Ginsberg    "Salutations to Fernando Pessoa"
Louise Glück    "Celestial Music"
Jorie Graham    "Manifest Destiny"
    "What the Instant Contains"
Allen Grossman    "The Piano Player Explains Himself"
Donald Hall    "Prophecy"
    "The Porcelain Couple"
Vicki Hearne    "St. Luke Painting the Virgin"
Anthony Hecht    "Prospects"
Edward Hirsch    "Man on a Fire Escape"
John Hollander    "Kinneret"
    "An Old-Fashioned Song"
    "The See-Saw"
Richard Howard    "Like Most Revelations"
Donald Justice    "Nostalgia of the Lakefronts"
    "Invitation to a Ghost"
Brigit Pegeen Kelly     "The White Pilgrim: Old Christian Cemetery"
Jane Kenyon    "Three Songs at the End of the Summer"
Galway Kinnell    "When One Has Lived a Long Time Alone"
Karl Kirchwey    "Sonogram"
Kenneth Koch    "One Train May Hide Another"
Yusef Komunyakaa    "Facing It"
Ann Lauterbach    "Psyches Dream"
Philip Levine    "Scouting"
Harry Matthews    "Histoire"
J. D. McClatchy    "An Essay on Friendship"
James Merrill    "A Room at the Heart of Things"
    "The 'Ring' Cycle"
    "Family Week at Oracle Ranch"
W.S. Merwin    "The Stranger"
Susan Mitchell    "Havana Birth"
A. F. Moritz    "Protracted Episode"
Thylias Moss    "The Warmth of Hot Chocolate"
Brighde Mullins    "At the Lakehouse"
Molly Peacock    "Have You Ever Faked an Orgasm?"
Bob Perelman    "Movie"
Carl Phillips    "A Mathematics of Breathing"
Kay Ryan    "Outsider Art"
Grace Schulman    "The Present Perfect"
David Shapiro     "The Seasons"
Charles Simic    "Country Fair"
    "The Something"
Gary Snyder    "Ripples on the Surface"
Mark Strand    "Reading in Place"
    "from "Dark Harbor"
    "Morning, Noon, and Night"
May Swenson    "Sleeping with Boa"
Derek Walcott    "Omeros"
Rosanna Warren    "The Cormorant"
Susan Wheeler    "What Memory Reveals"
Richard Wilbur    "Lying"
    "A Wall in the Woods: Cummington"
Charles Wright    "Disjecta Membra"
Jay Wright    "Madrid"
    "The Cradle Logic of Autumn"

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The Best of the Best American Poetry 1988-1997.
(from Poetry Daily).

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