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Ulrich Albrecht holds a chair in peace and conflict studies at the Free University of Berlin.

Homi K. Bhabha is the Chester D. Tripp Professor in the Humanities at the University of Chicago and Visiting Humanities Professor at University College, London.

Robert Borosage is founder and director of the Campaign for America's Future.

Bonnie Costello is professor of English at Boston University. She is author of Elizabeth Bishop: Questions of Mastery and editor of The Selected Letters of Marianne Moore.

Ronald V. Dellums (D-Calif.) has served in the US Congress since 1971. He is past chairman of and ranking Democrat on the House National Security Committee (formerly Armed Services Committee).

Lynn Emanuel directs the creative writing program at the University of Pittsburgh. Her first two books of poems, The Dig and Hotel Fiesta, have been recently re-issued in one volume.

Randall Caroline Forsberg is the founder and director of the Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies, in Cambridge, Mass.

Elizabeth Frazer is official fellow and tutor and University Lecturer in Politics at New College, Oxford.

Paul Gediman is a writer living in New York City. He is currently working on a novel.

Sander L. Gilman is the Henry Luce Professor of the Liberal Arts in Human Biology at the University of Chicago. His most recent book is Smart Jews.

Janet E. Halley is professor of law and Robert E. Paradise Faculty Scholar at Stanford University.

Barbara Hardy is professor emeritus of English at Birbeck College, University of London, and honorary professor at University College, Swansea. Her books include London Lovers and Shakespeare's Storytellers.

Bonnie Honig is professor of political science at Northwestern University and senior research fellow at the American Bar Foundation.

Carl Kaysen is the David W. Skinner Professor of Political Economy, Emeritus at MIT. He is a member of the Security Studies Program at the Center for International Studies.

Richard Kenney is the author of three books of poems, The Evolution of the Flightless Bird, Orrery, and The Invention of Zero. He teaches at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Will Kymlicka is a visiting professor in the philosophy department at the University of Ottowa. He is author of Multicultural Citizenship and editor of The Rights of Minority Cultures.

Dana Levin lives in Burlington, Vermont. Poems from her manuscript In the Surgical Theater have appeared in Countermeasures, Ploughshares, Pushcart Prize XXII and elsewhere.

Edward M. Luttwak is senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC, and author of Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace.

Joanie Mackowski's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Antioch Review, The Paris Review, The Southwest Review, The Yale Review, and elsewhere. She lives in Little Compton, Rhode Island.

John Matthias teaches at the University of Notre Dame. Two collections of his poems, Swimming at Midnight: Selected Shorter Poems and Beltane at Aphelion: Longer Poems, have recently been published.

Josip Novakovich's most recent book of stories is Yolk. His collection Salvation and Other Disasters is forthcoming next year.

Marlon Ohnesorge-Fick's poems have appeared in Antioch Review, the Boston Phoenix, Denver Quarterly, Field, New England Review, and elsewhere. He lives in Overland Park, Kansas.

Susan Okin is Marta Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society and professor of political science at Stanford University. She is the author of Women in Western Political Thoughtand Justice, Gender, and the Family.

H. Allen Orr is associate professor of biology at the University of Rochester and a David and Lucile Packard Fellow.

Bhikhu Parekh is professor of political theory at the University of Hull. His most recent book is Gandhi; his Rethinking Multiculturalism will be published next year.

Alfonso Prez-Mndez was the project architect for Richard Meier's Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, among other buildings. He currently has his own practice in New York and Gainesville.

Katha Pollitt is a columnist for The Nation and the author of Reasonable Creatures: Essays on Women and Feminism.

Robert Post is the Alexander F. and May T. Morrison Professor of Law at the School of Law (Boalt Hall) of the University of California at Berkeley. He is the author of Constitutional Domains.

Claudia Rankine is the author of Nothing in Nature is Private. She teaches at Barnard College, Columbia University.

Joseph Raz is professor of the philosophy of law at Oxford University and visiting professor at Columbia Law School. His most recent books are The Morality of Freedom and Ethics in the Public Domain.

Tim Riley is the author of Hard Rain: A Dylan Commentary, and a senior editor at He oversees millennium pop.

Bruce Russett is Dean Acheson Professor of International Politics at Yale University.

Saskia Sassen is a professor at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. Her most recent book is Losing Control? Sovereignty in an Age of Globalization.

Alan A. Stone is Touroff-Glueck Professor of Law and Psychiatry at Harvard Law School.

Yael Tamir is senior lecturer in political philosophy at Tel Aviv University. She is the author of Liberal Nationalism and editor of Democratic Education in a Multicultural Society.

Raimo Vayrynen is professor of government at the University of Notre Dame and director of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies.

Linda Voris is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California at Berkeley, where she is completing a study of Gertrude Stein's compositional tasks in the 1920s.

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