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  ALEXEI ARBATOV is director of the Center for Geopolitical and Military Forecasts in Moscow.

PARAMITA BANERJEE has translated a number of novels from Bengali into English for Penguin India. She is completing a PhD in Social Philosophy at Ja[[macron]]davpur University in Calcutta.

TRACY COCHRAN is a frequent contributor to The New York Times Book Review and has written for The Boston Globe, Kirkus, and other publications.

RANDALL FORSBERG is Director of the Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies in Cambridge, MA, which she founded in 1979 after working for many years at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Since the mid-1980s she has been developing concepts for a cooperative security system.

JONATHAN FOX teaches political science at MIT. He is the author of The Politics of Food in Mexico: State Power and Social Mobilization (Cornell University Press, 1992).

KERRY FRIED is an assistant editor at the New York Review of Books, where she has published several articles.

RAMA GHOSH is the author of three collections of poetry. She lives in Serampore, outside Calcutta, and teaches secondary school.

DANIEL GOLDIN is a screenwriter living in New York. His credits include Dark Man and Welcome to Buzzsaw.

ELIZABETH GRAVER's collection, Have You Seen Me? , won the 1991 Drue Heinz Literature Prize. "Three Mothers" will be appearing in the anthology Louder than Words (forthcoming from Harcourt, Brace).

MATTHEW KOPKA, Audio Editor at Publisher's Weekly, is at work on a novel.

CAROL MOLDAW is a 1994 NEA literary fellow. Her book, Taken From the River, was published by Alef Books in 1993.

GEORGE PACKER is the author of The Village of Waiting (Vintage, 1988), a memoir about Africa, and The Half Man (Random House, 1991), a novel.

GARY SOTO's most recent book is a novel for young readers, Crazy Weekend, from Scholastic, Inc. He teaches at the University of California at Berkeley.

SUE STANDING is director of the Creative Writing Program at Wheaton College. Her new collection of poems, Gravida, was the winner of the 1993 Four Way Books Award.

ALAN A. STONE is a psychoanalyst who teaches Law and Psychology and Law and Medicine at Harvard Law School.

SUSAN C. STRONG is Senior Research Associate at the Center for Economic Conversion.

HARRY THOMAS's edition of The Selected Poems of Thomas Hardy has just been published by Penguin. He teaches at Davidson College.

ROSANNA WARREN teaches comparative literature at Boston University. Her most recent book of poems is Stained Glass, published by W.W. Norton.

CAROLYNE WRIGHT, an associate of the Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies at Harvard, is editing an anthology of work by Bengali women poets and writers.

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